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The feigned elegance of The Famous Project’s maxi-trimaran

Sailor Alexia Barrier will launch the IDEC SPORT Maxi trimaran on May 31. With the help of well-known designer-navigator Jean Baptiste Epron, she chose a very graphic design for the sailboat’s new image, in agreement with its main partners the Groupe Idec, the CIC bank and Wipro, while retaining the red bows. of IDEC SPORT, still holder of the Jules Verne Trophy record, the ultimate challenge of Alexia’s 100% female project. A project that Jean Baptiste was able to take on, to attenuate the harsh masculinity of the sailboat, emphasizing the femininity of the project, while respecting the personality of the boat.

The elegance of the Classics

« This boat is virile and very masculine. The facial shapes chosen to adorn the veils tend to suggest the very feminine essence of Alexia’s project. » explains Jean Baptiste Epron. The designer, highly sought after by those involved in offshore racing, has a real history with this boat, for which he signed the livery from its conception, in the colors of his first partner Groupama, then of the two following sponsors, Banque Populaire and the Group. Idec. The maxi trimaran, triple winner of the Route du Rhum in these three different colors, holds a special place in Jean Baptiste’s imagination. “ I love this boat. It has the elegance of classic yachts. It is witness to a whole generation of multihulls before flying boats, a sort of synthesis of what ORMA trimarans were. It does not have very marked lines, a sign of the great architectural freedom of its creative firm VPLP. He exudes gentleness, a feigned feeling in truth, when we know his fury in the breeze. »

A decoration that tells a story…

“Jean Baptiste Epron is the boat artist par excellence” emphasizes Alexia. “I trusted him completely. Our partners, the Idec group, the CIC and Wipro have all bought into the story that Jean Baptistes tells us with these faces sketched in our sails, and these color codes on a black background. It’s about telling a story, about solidarity, about a common adventure. But Jean Baptiste did not want to “over-feminize” the project, because he rightly believes that in the long term, women on such adventures will no longer be an exception, but the obvious rule. He also knew how to find the color codes which refer to our three partners, with this nod to the Jules Verne Trophy record established by Francis Joyon under the red colors of IDEC SPORT, maintained on our bows, as a mark of respect for this legendary trimaran. »

JB Epron

Alexia will return to Brittany this weekend, to participate and supervise the end of the long project to get the giant back into shape undertaken at Multiplast in Vannes, under the watchful eye of Eric Lamy. 15 people work tirelessly to give the boat launched in 2006 yet another lease of life. Following its launch, IDEC SPORT will return to La Trinité sur Mer for its final adjustments, before the first test sailings scheduled for the end of June, the first training sessions in July, and the delivery in September to the Mediterranean.

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