Changing Course: Learning to Standby!

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Changing Course: Learning to Standby!

With the team prepared to begin the return crossing from Antigua to Portimao aboard the MOD70 Limosa, the Atlantic decided to remind the crew of the Famous Project who is the master.

Despite the meticulous preparation of the boat by the crew and the logistical steps completed, the weather forced us to revise our plans at the last minute.

“We are eight women, seven sailors and one media-woman, eager to share eight to ten days aboard this fast and agile trimaran. Our goal was to discover each other, to apply ourselves to sailing well and to progress together.

However, it would have been unwise to leave Falmouth Harbor in such unstable and uncertain weather conditions.

We are now returning to shore, but with the certainty that our determination and motivation remain intact. In less than a month’s time, we will set sail again, this time under more favourable conditions, ready to take on this challenge with even greater determination.

For it is in moments of waiting that the strength necessary to triumph in the great challenge that awaits us is forged”

Alexia Barrier

The team have had to learn to be patient and resilient, and to manage their frustration in the face of this unforeseen setback.

This waiting period has given the team the opportunity to prepare themselves mentally for the challenge that awaits them at the end of 2025. In the world of sailing, it is rare not to encounter waiting periods, the famous ‘standbys’.

The shore team are watching the evolution of the weather, and will plan for the return trip to Europe sometime in late March, early April.