And they are off!

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A promising weather outlook for The Famous Project’s Transat Challenge which starts Saturday

Saturday morning will see the The Famous Project crew cast off from Antigua as they set out to take on the Atlantic on the first all-female MOD70 crossing of the Atlantic, bringing Limosa back to Europe on what will be a valuable oceanic training stage for the team.

Delayed since late February because of the bad weather they faced then, the wait looks like it will be worth it for the eight strong team which represents four different nationalities. The latest GRIB weather files suggest that the outlook looks favourable all the way across.

Co-skipper Dee Caffari reports, “The morale is great, spirits are high, we have a great group and can’t wait to get going. The objectives now are first and foremost to keep our people and the boat in one piece, have a low stress but enjoyable trip, to get the boat back to Europe and to learn and grow in confidence sailing with each other.”

According to the co-skippers Caffari and Alexia Barrier, the assessment of the weather outlook is promising, “The weather looks pretty good. With the MOD70, the multihull, the wave height is one of the biggest considerations – more than wind sometimes. We start in 2.5 metre seas, it is all do-able there is no obvious source of stress. The weather is being shaped by a big high pressure in the north Atlantic and two low pressures that we will be affected by. The route around them is pretty obvious and pretty clear. We are going NNE for a few days before we can go East. We should be just wide of upwind so it will likely be uncomfortable but no stress.” Says Dee who continues, “The most wind we will see initially is about 20knots coming out of Antigua, and then that will drop to 15 knots.

“Then we should get into some downwind sailing after a light winds transition zone. And so we get a little bit of everything and that will be perfect. We have only looked to Gibraltar and not into the Med but will make our choice whether we go to La Grande Motte or Palma depending on timing.”

The objective of building trust and confidence in each other will in part be optimised by the watch system, Caffari explains, “We are going to run a rolling watch of three pairs of two and so every hour somebody changes and that means we all get to sail with more, different people. And Alexia and Georgia (Schofield, media person) will float and so choose when they need to sleep and be awake. And that way Alexia gets to see and sail with everyone too.”

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