All systems ‘go’

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Alexia Barrier, co-skipper Dee Caffari and The Famous Project team of six women will set off from Antigua this weekend for the initiative’s first ever Transatlantic on their MOD70 LIMOSA with an all-female crew.

Bound for Palma, Mallorca – weather permitting – the passage is set to be an important, milestone training stage as they prepare for their winter 2025 challenge to set a benchmark all-female round the world record on the ULTIM IDEC on the Jules Verne Trophy course. 

After a very successful RORC Caribbean 600 in late February the girls had to reschedule the MOD70’s return to Europe because of bad, unsettled weather at the time. Now, after a couple of days training back in Antigua, they plan to leave on Friday 12 April. “We cannot wait to leave and get going on this mission. In fact now it is getting towards the point where we need the boat back in Europe and so whilst we are not putting ourselves under pressure we need to get moving. And we have missed sailing the boat!” enthused Alexia Barrier as she headed today for Antigua to meet up with the crew which includes Olympic campaigners turned round the world racers Marie Riou and Annie Lush and Kiwi newcomer to the crew Rebecca (Bex) Gmuer Hornell, a professional rigger and former Youth America’s Cup sailor.

“We are just looking to get going and learn together, to take care of the boat and each other, and get across to Europe in what we might call ‘cool’ mode, if there is such a thing on a MOD70.” Says Barrier, “Anyway we are looking to keep the stress low level. We have a great co-skipper in Dee and lots of experience in the likes of Marie and Annie but what we need to do is build time together. And I am so proud to see us now having moved on after the stage where we fast tracked our learning with the help, of the guys like Jonny Malbon, Brian Thompson, Miles Seddon and Tom Dawson. Now we have the confidence in our skills to be doing this.”

She adds, “We plan to pick up our new mainsail in Palma thanks to North Sails there and head to Saint Tropez for the Paprec 600 race from the 20 to the 25 of May.”

Barrier says that she expects to announce just after the end of this Transatlantic the names of the first six of the crew of ten which she anticipates will sail the Trophée Jules Verne in winter 2025.

Transatlantic crew list 

– Alexia Barrier (FRA) captain
– ⁠Dee Caffari (GBR)  co-skipper 
– ⁠Marie Riou (FRA) 
– ⁠Joan Mulloy (IRL) 
– ⁠Deborah Blair (GBR)
– ⁠Annie Lush (GBR)
– ⁠Rebecca Gmuer (NZL) 
– ⁠Georgia Schofield (GBR) (mediawoman)