The Famous Project x Richard Mille

TFP – Paris

A new global challenge for women

– To build a 100% female crew to attempt the Jules Verne Trophy in 2025, on a 32 meter Ultim Trimaran

– Establish the women’s reference time for a non stop lap of the planet

– Support a bold adventure through challenges, risks and performance

Richard Mille is delighted to announce a new challenge that ecompasses sea, spray and performance. The brand is committed, to the renowned skipper Alexia Barrier, who created The Famous Project. Beyond sports, this project is a maritime epic never before realized.

The Richard Mille brand is particularly known for being a specialist in sports watches, materials and innovative technical solutions. The brand has embarked on multiple challenges, being very involved in motor sports, especially in Formula 1 with McLaren and Ferrari, or in endurance with the Richard Mille Racing Team, not to mention its presence on tennis courts, golf courses… always alongside the greatest athletes.

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The goal? Move lines and consciences. How? By achieving a world first, to complete a non-stop and unassisted circumnavigation during a Jules Verne Trophy attempt. Indeed, The Famous Project will bring together an exclusively female, international crew composed of ten sailors, aboard a 32 meter, maxi-multihull. The team aims to establish a women’s reference time on this sailing tour of the globe, and why not, try to beat the current speed record of the Jules Vernes Trophy. A major challenge but within the reach of Alexia Barrier, a skipper for more than 20 years, with a list of 18 Transats, including 5 solitaires, a 2020 Vendée Globe finisher,  with more than 200,000 miles nautical traveled.

To do this, Alexia Barrier and her teammates will soon begin training on a real Formula 1 of the seas, the Ultim IDEC SPORT. The boat is the fastest maxi-trimaran in the world to date.   It was on board this racing machine that Francis Joyon set, in 2017, the last record for the Jules Verne Trophy, in 40 days 23 hours 30 minutes and 30 seconds.

“It was the boat of my dreams to realize this project. A major project that, in addition to sport, wants to give women the same weapons as men to win engaging races. The Famous Project is therefore part of a social issue and summarizes our mantras: dare, dream and share”. Alexia Barrier

Commitment is not an exception but a rule for Richard Mille, who likes to explore new territories. It is obviously always a question of speed, no longer on asphalt but on water. A universe that Richard Mille knows well through past collaborations with the Voiles de Saint-Barth and then the recent creation of his own regatta called Richard Mille Cup.

“Richard Mille is once again embarking on an extraordinary adventure combining excellence, technology and performance, three pillars of the brand. Dare, challenge yourself and take risks: The Famous Project allows us to write a new page in our history for women. This project is above all driven by the passion of each of the people involved. Alexia Barrier’s obvious desire to surpass herself regardless of the rules of the game seduced us.” AMANDA MILLE

“I wanted to skip a class and sail in Ultim to try to break the world record by sailing. Our first challenge will be to train our crew with skippers who have never sailed on this type of machine. Forgetting everything to start all over again, that’s what awaits us.” Alexia Barrier

Richard Mille is very happy to support this bold and courageous initiative that is shaking up the codes of the world of sailing. A disruptive vision of the adventure that has guided Richard Mille for more than 20 years now. We find in The Famous Project an effervescence and enthusiasm that have always animated us.

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